About Us

Chakur Design group, LLC has been creating sustainable and environmental landscape designs for over 20 years. We pride ourselves in being innovative and diverse in our design projects and we especially take note in using recycled or earth friendly products all the way down to our soy based inks and recycled paper. Chakur Design Group, LLC main objective is to bring the highest quality of workmanship to our clients to help them change ones yard into an inviting, comfortable and relaxing outdoor living space. A place to sit with the family and friends, to forget about the everyday stresses of life and in which, changes your lifestyle. To enhance ones quality of life this starts in the home, so remember, it’s not just a yard and soil, it’s a lifestyle.

Our Mission

We are an environmental friendly landscape design group whose mission is to create innovative and diverse landscape designs. Our ambition is to use our experience and knowledge to utilize recycled and earth friendly products to enhance the beauty and lifestyles of our clients. We hope to promote creativity without waste or environmental damage.

Our Team



Alex is the founder of Chakur Design Group, and has been designing landscapes for 20 years with great passion. Alex is a certified Landscape Designer, is NCMA certified, Aquascape certified, and is a machine operator. His passion is in sustainable and environmental landscapes, with a knack for creating some of the most beautiful landscape designs in the St. Louis area. Passion and honesty will always be part of his work. His expansive portfolio includes many unique projects throughout the St. Louis region, such as the Sisters of St. Joseph’s Church, Midwest Banks, Purina, and the Chase Park Plaza. Alex's hobbies include hiking, camping, rugby, painting, drawing and, of course, creating beautiful landscapes!


Administrative Manager

Crystal is our administrative manager, tasked with keeping our office team moving forward throughout the year. Crystal operates in a fast-paced environment, promptly answering questions and handling requests to keep the team working seamlessly to achieve customers' goals. With her superhuman customer service skills, Crystal maintains a professional rapport with customers and team members alike. Her knowledge and leadership has resulted in the creation of new services, methods, procedures and guidelines that provide efficiency throughout every project. Her hobbies include reading, horseback riding, camping and fishing.